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One of the most important functions of a Community Council is contributing to the planning process both by influencing the content of Development Plans and by commenting on individual planning applications in its area.

Our local authority, in turn, has a duty to consult your Community Council on how local services are delivered and other issues affecting our neighbourhood.

Your Community Council has the right to be consulted on any planning applications in our area and to be kept informed of licensing applications.

Development Plan

The Kinross area is currently covered by the Local Development Plan which "provides guidance to developers and investors and allows stakeholders, including the general public, to be involved in shaping the future of their area" - access the LDP.

Planning Applications

Every week Perth and Kinross Council sends the community council a list of all planning applications registered the previous week.  The community council planning group identifies those in the Kinross  area and checks the details on the PKC website.  Community councils are  encouraged to discuss any application that appears to have wider implications for the community and to comment if appropriate.

Planning applications, objections & comments

Guidance for members of the public on all matters related to planning is provided on the PKC website - visit the PKC website.

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