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Kinross-shire, Scotland is a beautiful county bordered by Perthshire, Fife and Clackmannanshire. Set amidst gently rolling hills it is the ideal location for hillwalking, golf, cycling, fishing, bird watching or just relaxing and enjoying the beauty of Scotland. The county town, Kinross, is situated at junction 6 on the M90 providing easy access from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Perth.
Known as the gateway to the Highlands, Kinross-shire nestles around Loch Leven where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in 1567 on Castle Island. 

For a small county Kinross-shire is rich in history and natural beauty. Queen Margaret of Scotland, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce are just a few of the well known British historic figures who have visited the area. Kinross is also the favoured destination of many feathered visitors including thousands of geese who winter here every year.

The geese are so much part of the area that there is now a sculpture on the traffic island at Junction 6 of the M90 to welcome all visitors.

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